Timetable & Fees

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Classes & Timetable:

Register your interest using our contact form. Come and try the first class for FREE!

  • Kids Age 8 – 15: Mon & Wed 5pm to 6pm (this class is also opened for Blind & VI kids).
  • Adults (age 16+): Mon & Wed 6pm to 7:30pm (this class is also opened for Blind & VI people)
  • Kids Age 3 – 7: Sat 9:15 am to 10:15 am

Special discounts:

We are offering the following discounts:

  • Come and try!: First class is free
  • Judo Family: 10% discount on classes fees for the second+ student from the same family group (valid for kids and adults)
  • This Girl Can discount: women have another free class after the free trial and get a free Gi (uniform) if they sign up to continue training with us!


*** Please note change of fees for 2024 ***

Kids Casual – At Yuki Judo we teach about commitment and dedication when engaging in an activity like training a sport or martial art, so we do not offer casual attendance. WE DO OFFER ONE FREE CLASS for every kid who want to try our great martial art. Contact me if you have any question.

KIDS Age 8 – 15

  • $240 for the full term, twice per week
  • If your kid can do only once per week contact us to discuss fees.
  • The term has started and want to join anyway? No worries, just join anytime during the term. Newcomers only pay proportionally for the remaining term classes. Contact me to ask for more information.

ADULTS (Age 16+)

  • $110 per month, twice per week 
  • $65 per month, once per week 

KIDS Age 3 – 7

  • $130 for the full term, once per week  

Concession rates available. Please contact us

Blind & Vision Impaired kids & adults fees:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, apple pay, google pay and paypal

Judo Uniforms:

The Judo suit is called judo gi. It differs from other martial arts uniforms in its fabric and confection, which is much more resistant, since in judo we grab and pull the suit while performing the different techniques.

Judogis are not necessary for the age 4-7 classes. Just bring your kids with comfortable clothes.

For the ages 8-15 class is recommendable for the kids to have the Judogi as the class progresses, since it’s required to practice some techniques.

For the adults class the Judogi is necessary to train properly. It can be practiced without it on the free trial classes (I can also lend you one, subject to availability), but if you start practicing regularly, it’s a must.

If you are going to buy a Judogi, you can buy it wherever you want, just make sure it’s specific for Judo. Try to buy the white ones, since they are the ones you/your kid can eventually use for the competitions in our federation.

Alternatively, we can also sell you affordable Judo suits which we usually have in stock at our venue.

Judogi Prices

  • Kids: $60
  • Adults: $80