Yuki Judo is a This Girl Can VIC Supporter

Great news! Yuki Judo is a registered This Girl Can – Victoria supporter to encourage women and girls across Victoria to get active – whatever their age, size, background, gender identity or ability.

We understand that it is hard for women that have kids, study and/or work, to find time and commit to do physical activity. On top of that, sometimes the usual activities and sports are not engaging enough, while trying new ones can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming.

This Girl Can website gives you the chance to search among a vast number of possibilities that, if tried, can be highly enjoyable and engaging, from the most common activities (like walking) to others that are not commonly known (like Judo) .

You can search yourself for activities using the Suporter search in This Girl Can Website. However, if you have a minute to keep reading, I’ll tell you why you should also try Judo.

Judo classes are fun, varied and engaging and each day we go through different physical activities, exercising while learning new movements and doing practice drills. We put our bodies in motion in many different ways and you finish the class full of endorphins, having enjoyed some time for yourself and leaving your day and stress behind.

Our classes run in a friendly, respectful and beginner welcoming environment, just local people having fun while exercising. Judo practice by nature is free from judgement and self paced. Training and improving in judo is an individual path that is walked with others in a collaborative way, which makes Judo both, an individual and team activity.

Our adults Judo class is suitable for all fitness levels since the way it is structured allows each student to start building her skills at her own pace.

Come for a free trial class Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm at Boeing Reserve all year round except public holidays (if you can, let us know you are coming, otherwise, just drop by!).

Just bring comfortable gym clothes and a bottle of water and we’ll lend you a Judo jacket so you can get the most out of the class.

Even if you just want to do the free trial, you are welcome too! We want more people to know what Judo is about and you can do it as a one off experience. You can come alone or bring a friend, there’s nothing to lose and lot to gain!

See you on the mat!