Finally, our video How to tie your belt is out!

After years of promise, Sensei Clau finally recorded the video showing how to tie your belt! 🥋😃
You can see there 2 ways of wrapping your belt around and 2 types of knots
Hope you can practice at home!

See you on the mat!

Yesterday we finished Term 2 Kids classes!

Yesterday we finished Term 2 kids classes with our youngest Judoka ever to join the Saturday Little Kids class, with 2 Years and 2 months old! She did great!

Adult classes run all year round (except for Pub Holidays). During school holidays, if you are coming to the Wednesday adult class, please contact us beforehand to make sure we are there!

Visit to Ken Toshi Dojo in Argentina

Last month, Yuki Judo visited Dojo Ken Toshi General Rodriguez in Argentina, South America. Thanks everyone, especially to Sensei Ivan Duarte, for the warm welcome and for the training session!

El mes pasado Yuki Judo visitó el Dojo Ken Toshi en Argentina. Muchas gracias a todos y en especial al Sensei Ivan Duarte, por la bienvenida y la sesión de entrenamiento!

Ready for tomorrow’s Women Only Open Session!

Everything’s ready for tomorrow’s Women Only Open Session at Yuki Judo, supporting the government’s ‘This Girl Can Week’ initiative!

Session starts at 6:15pm so, if you are interested, don’t think it too much, grab some water and join us! Last year we had a lot of fun!

No sure? Just tell your friend, neighbour or relative and come together!

Go to our Facebook event for more info, and register there or just by contacting us.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to do something different and have a lot of fun. It’s suitable for absolutely all fitness levels and ages.

Contact us if you have any questions, otherwise, see you there! 😊

Upcoming Free Women Open Session for This Girl Can week!

Come and Join Yuki Judo in this ‘This Girl Can Week’ event, a Free Women-only Open Session to have fun and put your body in motion with Judo inspired exercises.

Session will be on Wednesday 14 Sep 6:15pm at Yuki Judo, Boeing Reserve.

For a second consecutive year, we’re opening up our doors during This Girl Can week to all the local mums/ladies/girls (Age 15+), so they can do something fun and different while exercising a bit.
It’s NOT a Judo class we are going to do some exercise with ‘judo inspired’ movements that are suitable for all fitness levels.

So, bring your mum, daughter, sister, girlfriend or friend and let’s celebrate women that want to get active whatever their age, size, background, gender identity or ability.

Last year we had a lot of fun! so, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get rid of your stress and fill your body with endorphins in a relaxed private and friendly environment.

No experience required, just come wearing gym/comfortable clothes and bring some water. Don’t worry about which shoes you wear, we train barefoot on our comfy 66 sqm Judo mat.

Contact us or click above to confirm you are coming since there is a limited number of persons per session. But don’t worry, if the session gets booked out, we are going to open another one so every woman can have the opportunity.

To book your spot go to our Facebook Event or Contact us.

See you on the mat!

Great VAJU Judo Tournament last Sunday

Photo of all competitors with Sensei Clau

Great photo at the end of last Sunday’s VAJU Tournament.

You can see our five Yuki Judo competitors and a friend from Tori Judo along with Sensei Clau, who also competed after 3 years 😊

All students demonstrated a great courage and attitude, attacking and resisting their opponent’s attacks with great determination.

Congratulations to all of them!

Yuki Judo was at Statewide Vision Resource Centre

A couple of weeks ago, Yuki Judo delivered an online presentation for kids and staff at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC).

  • Image of the online session with the room at SVRC and Claudio

SVRC is an institution depending from the Victorian Department of Education and Training, that supports over 500 blind and vision impaired students and provides specialised training and support for educators.

We talked about the history Judo, how we fight and what a typical class looks like. We also talked about the particularities of Judo for blind and vision impaired people, including the experience with our blind Judoka in the adults class, who’s been training twice per week for a year now.

It was a great session where the kids also had the opportunity to ask questions and touch and feel Judo belts and gis (uniforms).

A big thank you to SVRC and Blind Sports Victoria for the invitation!

If you want to know more about blind judo, just visit our Blind Judo Section

Yuki Judo Participated in a 3-day Summer Judo Seminar

Photo of Zenyo Judo tatami

This past weekend, our Sensei has participated in an 3-day Summer Judo Seminar, held at Zenyo Judo in Abbotsford, from Friday to Sunday.

It was a great and intense seminar and the perfect opportunity to improve our Judo, especially after the last 2 year’s lockdowns and interruptions.

We trained tachi waza (standing techniques) and randori (practice fights) in the mornings, and ne waza (techniques on the ground) and kata (formal pre-established set of techniques) in the afternoons.

Thank you, Zenyo Judo, for organising it!

It was a great start of the year and an awesome preparation for Yuki Judo’s kick start on Monday 31st January.

See you on the mat!

Happy New Year!

Yuki Judo wishes you a great 2022, full of success and Judo!

Our classes for Adults and Kids (8-14 YO) start on Monday 31 JAN

Little kids class on Saturdays will start on 19 FEB

See you on the mat!

Goodbye 2021!

On Saturday 18 December we had the last class of the year. All in all, and in spite of COVID, we’ve had a great year with a lot of highlights:

  • we finished 2021 with more than 25 students in the Yuki Judo family, ranging from 3 years old to +40 YO adults.
  • we hosted our first ‘This Girl Can’ event in March and our Coach was interviewed by ABC radio on that day!
  • we participated in one tournament (the only one in 2021) with great results for three of our brave Judokas
  • Yuki Judo got its first grading exams, with 6 of our students getting their yellow belts
  • we hosted 3 free open Judo online classes during lockdown that were joined by kids, adults and entire families with and without Judo experience
  • and also, our adult class is starting to pick up.

For all that, a big thank you for your support during this difficult year.

Have a great festive season and all the best wishes for 2022!

See you on the mat after the break!