Yuki Judo 3rd Anniversary

Photo of all the people who atended to the sausage sizzle

Last Saturday, Yuki Judo celebrated its 3rd anniversary with a sausage sizzle for all students and their families.

A big thank you to all the ones that came to the event, and the ones that couldn’t make it, for being part of our Yuki Judo Family!

It’s been quite a journey since our early beginnings, with COVID hitting in the middle (and still around) and many comps, events and great experiences along the way.

I’m happy to see that Yuki currently has more than 30 students ranging from 3 to 45+ years old who enjoy learning our loved martial art. Thanks again for your support and see you on the mat!

Don’t miss out the Judo matches in the Paralympic Games in Tokio!

You can watch the recordings here: https://7plus.com.au/paralympic-games-judo

Did you know that Yuki Judo classes are open for Blind & Vision impaired people?

We work closely with Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria to promote it and we have a regular student in the adults class who is completely blind.

She started training at the beginning of 2021 on Wednesdays only and after a month, she joined the rest of the students and has been training twice per week since then! (well, until COVID lockdown anyways)

Here’s some fun facts about Blind Judo:

– Judo is the world’s most popular martial art for athletes with visual impairments.

– To compete in Paralympic Judo, you need to have less than 10% of remaining vision or your visual field restricted to less than 20%.

– Judo is one of the few competitive sports that the visually impaired athlete can participate in fully without major accommodations.

– Practically, the only difference when fighting is that the competitors start the bout already holding each other instead of 2m apart, the rest is pretty much the same

– There are many vision impaired Judokas worldwide that have reached the podium in regular competitions against sighted Judokas- Antônio Tenório Silva is a Brazilian Judoka who holds several records. He’s completely blind and has won 7 medals in Paralympic games, including 4 gold medals in consecutives games. He got COVID in early 2021 and was in ICU for 18 days, but he still participated in the Tokyo games with 50 years old and won the Bronze medal in his category!