Yesterday we finished Term 2 Kids classes!

Yesterday we finished Term 2 kids classes with our youngest Judoka ever to join the Saturday Little Kids class, with 2 Years and 2 months old! She did great!

Adult classes run all year round (except for Pub Holidays). During school holidays, if you are coming to the Wednesday adult class, please contact us beforehand to make sure we are there!

Ready for tomorrow’s Women Only Open Session!

Everything’s ready for tomorrow’s Women Only Open Session at Yuki Judo, supporting the government’s ‘This Girl Can Week’ initiative!

Session starts at 6:15pm so, if you are interested, don’t think it too much, grab some water and join us! Last year we had a lot of fun!

No sure? Just tell your friend, neighbour or relative and come together!

Go to our Facebook event for more info, and register there or just by contacting us.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to do something different and have a lot of fun. It’s suitable for absolutely all fitness levels and ages.

Contact us if you have any questions, otherwise, see you there! 😊

Upcoming Free Women Open Session for This Girl Can week!

Come and Join Yuki Judo in this ‘This Girl Can Week’ event, a Free Women-only Open Session to have fun and put your body in motion with Judo inspired exercises.

Session will be on Wednesday 14 Sep 6:15pm at Yuki Judo, Boeing Reserve.

For a second consecutive year, we’re opening up our doors during This Girl Can week to all the local mums/ladies/girls (Age 15+), so they can do something fun and different while exercising a bit.
It’s NOT a Judo class we are going to do some exercise with ‘judo inspired’ movements that are suitable for all fitness levels.

So, bring your mum, daughter, sister, girlfriend or friend and let’s celebrate women that want to get active whatever their age, size, background, gender identity or ability.

Last year we had a lot of fun! so, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get rid of your stress and fill your body with endorphins in a relaxed private and friendly environment.

No experience required, just come wearing gym/comfortable clothes and bring some water. Don’t worry about which shoes you wear, we train barefoot on our comfy 66 sqm Judo mat.

Contact us or click above to confirm you are coming since there is a limited number of persons per session. But don’t worry, if the session gets booked out, we are going to open another one so every woman can have the opportunity.

To book your spot go to our Facebook Event or Contact us.

See you on the mat!

Yuki Judo Celebrates the International Women’s Day!

During March, Yuki Judo is celebrating the International Women’s Day.

Our doors are always open for everybody to try our classes for free, but this month in particular we want all women to come and try our classes!!!

So, you can find below 10 Reasons why women should try Judo at Yuki (don’t miss the last one 😉)

Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm at Boeing Reserve. Contact Us if you have any question!

  1. Judo is very fun and engaging. We do a lot of different activities in the class (breakfalls, standing and on the ground techniques, self-defence, and much more!). So, you never get bored doing the same things.
  2. We are a proud ‘This Girl Can’ supporter. We want to encourage girls and women to join our classes. We already have 2 and possibly 3 regular female students in our adult class and we do all we can to make women feel welcomed.
  3. We make sure the classes are super relaxed, safe and fun. No intimidating environment, just local people having fun while exercising and learning new things. On top of that, we are close to your home at Boeing Reserve!
  4. Classes are structured in a way that every person trains and makes progress at their own pace, so they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, even if you have zero experience with martial arts.
  5. Judo is a non-violent Olympic Sport and Martial art (there are no punches and kicks) and training can be as intense or as light as you choose to.
  6. The founder of Judo created it in a way that any person can effectively apply the techniques to someone much stronger and bigger so you don’t need to be strong and athletic to do it. This makes it great for self-defence and every class we dedicate some time to practice specific and easy to apply self-defence techniques.
  7. You can come out of curiosity, just for the Free trial class. We want more people to know what Judo is about, so we are cool with that.
  8. If you don’t feel comfortable coming alone, you can ask a friend, relative or neighbour and come together to have fun and try out. Otherwise, don’t worry, there is always one or two female students in every class anyways.
  9. You have an extra free trial class during March and we’ll lend you a Judo jacket so you can feel like a true Judoka from the start.
  10. Last, but not least, to celebrate the International Women’s Day, you have an extra free trial class (I’ve already mentioned that) and if you decide to continue training, you get a free Judo Gi and a 30% discount for the first three months! (these all is worth more than $150!)

So, the only thing remining is you grabbing a water bottle and coming any Monday and Wednesday at 6pm at Boeing Reserve! (Just search Yuki Judo in Google or Apple Maps)

Please Contact us if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you soon 😊

Don’t miss out the Judo matches in the Paralympic Games in Tokio!

You can watch the recordings here:

Did you know that Yuki Judo classes are open for Blind & Vision impaired people?

We work closely with Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria to promote it and we have a regular student in the adults class who is completely blind.

She started training at the beginning of 2021 on Wednesdays only and after a month, she joined the rest of the students and has been training twice per week since then! (well, until COVID lockdown anyways)

Here’s some fun facts about Blind Judo:

– Judo is the world’s most popular martial art for athletes with visual impairments.

– To compete in Paralympic Judo, you need to have less than 10% of remaining vision or your visual field restricted to less than 20%.

– Judo is one of the few competitive sports that the visually impaired athlete can participate in fully without major accommodations.

– Practically, the only difference when fighting is that the competitors start the bout already holding each other instead of 2m apart, the rest is pretty much the same

– There are many vision impaired Judokas worldwide that have reached the podium in regular competitions against sighted Judokas- Antônio Tenório Silva is a Brazilian Judoka who holds several records. He’s completely blind and has won 7 medals in Paralympic games, including 4 gold medals in consecutives games. He got COVID in early 2021 and was in ICU for 18 days, but he still participated in the Tokyo games with 50 years old and won the Bronze medal in his category!

Last Thursday Aussies heard a bit about Judo on ABC Radio!

Thank you ABC Radio and especially to Emily Bourke from The World Today, for coming up to Yuki Judo to talk with us about our This Girl Can Week event last Wednesday.

You can listen to the note by clicking HERE.

It’s always great to spread the word about our beloved Martial Art!

Great Women-only Session for This Girl Can Week!

Thank you so much to the participants of our first This Girl Can Week event last night!

We’ve had so much fun working out, doing movements inspired in Judo techniques & exercises and even learning some self-defence techniques at the end!

Thank you also to Emily Bourke from ABC Radio for coming to Yuki Judo to talk with us at the beginning of the event!

Next This Girl Can event we hope to see more local women that want to give it a try!

Congratulations again to the women that participated and remember that Yuki Judo is a proud supporter of #ThisGrilCanVIC and women are welcome to come anytime to one of our regular adult classes to try Judo.

Just contact us for more information.

See you on the mat!

This Girl Can week – Sign up to our Women Open Session

To celebrate today’s International Women’s Day, Yuki Judo is organising an Open Session on Wednesday 24 March 6:15pm exclusively for women that want to get active whatever their age, size, background, gender identity or ability.

Yuki Judo is a proud supporter of This Girl Can VIC initiative to encourage all women and girls across Victoria to get active and we are organising this event as part of This Girl Can Week.

It’s going to be a fun class suitable for all fitness levels to exercise with Judo inspired movements.

Contact us or go to our Facebook page event to confirm your assistance, since there is a limited number of persons per session. But don’t worry, if the session gets booked out, we are going to open another one so every woman can have the opportunity.

If you can only attend a morning class, send us a message with your EOI. If we gather enough people, we might have the chance to do a morning session on Monday 22/3!

For more information go to our This Girl Can dedicated page.

See you on the mat!