Online Judo – Individual drills

After you have finished one of the online classes, if you still want to practice some additional drills I will include here links to the individual exercises sorted by techniques.

Tachi waza

This section includes the exercises and drills for standing techniques

O soto gari (outer leg rip)

  • O soto gari basic steps & checks (Coming soon)
  • O soto gari drill (Coming soon)
  • O soto gari warm up (Coming soon)

O uchi gari (internal leg sweep)

Sasae tsurikomi ashi, or just sasae (blocking leg)

Ippon seoi nage

Tai sabaki (how to move on the mat)

  • Left & right turns 
  • Full turn 
  • Full foot pivot (Coming soon)
  • Steps to all sides (Coming soon)
  • Sugi ashi walk (Coming soon)
  • Solo tai sabaki kata intro (Coming soon)

Other future Exercises and drills

  • Squats (Coming soon)
  • Tomoe nage squats basic (Coming soon)
  • Tomoe nage squats w/roll (Coming soon)
  • Tai otoshi lunge (Coming soon)
  • Tai otoshi lunge w/steps (Coming soon)
  • Uchi mata jumps (Coming soon)
  • Ko uchi gari drill (Coming soon)
  • De ashi barai to osoto combination (Coming soon)

Ne waza 

This section includes the drills for ground techniques, mainly holds and escapes

Kesa gatame (scarf hold)

Defensive positions and movements

  • Turtle position with legs out
  • Paratrooper to turtle (Coming soon)
  • Turtle position to sitting (Coming soon)
  • Paratrooper to turtle to sitting (Coming soon)