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Thanks to all participants! it was a great session.

We had kids, adults and a couple of families joining the class and many were new to Judo! 

Below you can find free full classes recorded last year to keep practicing until we can resume face to face classes. There is also a section with individual drills to practice only what you want.


Note: This section contains free Judo online classes for the Judokas training at Yuki Judo’s kids classes (and any other young judoka that wants to try), to keep working on their Judo at home while the classes are on hold.

As you know, all our classes are suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and the new social distancing measures that we all need to respect so we can minimise the spread of the virus.

So, since we can’t train at Yuki Judo and we are going to spend more time at home, I’m recording a series of videos for you to train at home!

Please, don’t expect perfect “Instagram” quality videos, this is more about Judo. However, I think we can have a lot of fun training together at home, as we always do on the tatami.

All the exercises can be done in a reduced space, you just need to stand in front of a TV, laptop or mobile phone, play the video and train with me as we usually do at the Dojo 🙂

First of all, just watch this intro video (there are no exercises on this one)

Yuki Judo Online classes Introduction

Class #1

Now we are ready to start. So, play the video below in front of a device and follow my instructions. If you don’t get the movement right straight away, just play the explanation again and start over!

If you want to repeat any particular exercise, you can go to the individual drills section, where you have the sections from the class for every particular judo drill. You can also see the drill that we are going to train in future classes.

And remember, discipline and persistence are qualities of a good Judoka. So, train with this video at least twice per week. Three times per week would be ideal and if you train every day, that’s awesome!!!

Hope you enjoyed training together and see you on the next video!!

Class #2

Before we start with the second class, please watch the intro video below. No exercises in this one, but there is a challenge for the ones that want to contribute to the video classes!

Class #2 Introduction video

Now we are ready for the second class! You will need your belt to do the warm up exercises. If you don’t have it, just use something long like a string, a brum stick, or something else.

Now that you have finished the class, if you still want more Judo, you can head to our individual exercises section and pick the additional drills that you’d like to train on!

Hope you enjoyed this new class and see you on the next one!

Class #3

Third class already!

In this one we introduce tai sabaki, which is training to improve the way we move on the mats. We keep building up on foot sweeps, escapes and we introduce the basic steps for o uchi gari and ippon seoi nage!

Also, if you feel like drawing, just make a drawing about Judo and send it to me and I’ll use it on the video transitions. Class 3 transitions are based on Eilidh and Abi’s book from last year! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the class. Remember that if you want to repeat a specific drill or exercise, you can go to the individual drills section. There, you can also have a look at the exercises that are coming on the next classes.

See you on the next class!

Open Live Session (Class #4)

This class was recorded live on Thursday 7 May at 4 pm (AEST)

Congratulations to the 9 young judokas who participated of the class!

If you missed it or want to do it again, just play the video below!

* New Class!  * New Class!  * New Class!  * New Class!  * New Class!  *

Class #5

Class #5 is online. In this class we keep training the basic steps for seoi nage as well as ne waza escapes and we introduce the concept of combination.

Don’t miss out!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, just use the comments section below.

Thanks for watching!

10 thoughts on “Online Judo

    1. Hi Abi! Thank you and congratulations for keeping training Judo from home. I’m very happy that many of you are using the videos regularly.

      I’ll try to keep adding a new class every 15 days 🙂


    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Yes! that was the next technique that we were about to learn when we stopped due to the virus.

      In the third video, we’re starting with the basic movements so when we are back, we can start training the actual throw. Learning the basic steps with the videos is going to save us some time 🙂

      We’are also going to need to work more on our breakfalls, though. Since you know it’s harder to get thrown with ippon seoi nage

      Thanks for your comment!



    1. Hi Abi,
      I think our floors at home are a bit hard for that 😉 especially if I want to do a flip on my wooden floor ha ha
      But we do need to work hard on our rolls once we’re back at the Dojo!
      Looking forward to seeing you all in our zoom class next week!
      Cheers, Clau

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Yes, it would be great! Email them to me ( or just text the photos to my mobile phone.
      Look forward to see you all in our Zoom class next week!

    1. Hi Abi,

      I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to that. Early today I was thinking how much I miss our classes!

      The government has developed a 3 stage plan to lift restrictions.

      I guess we are starting a after the third stage is in place. We’ll see how it goes.

      In the meantime, I’ll upload a new video class during the weekend or early next week so we keep training together!

      Cheers, Clau

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