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Note: This section contains free Judo online classes for the Judokas training at Yuki Judo’s kids classes (and any other young judoka that wants to try), to keep working on their Judo at home while the classes are on hold.

As you know, all our classes are suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and the new social distancing measures that we all need to respect so we can minimise the spread of the virus.

So, since we can’t train at Yuki Judo and we are going to spend more time at home, I’m recording a series of videos for you to train at home!

Please, don’t expect perfect “Instagram” quality videos, this is more about Judo. However, I think we can have a lot of fun training together at home, as we always do on the tatami.

All the exercises can be done in a reduced space, you just need to stand in front of a TV, laptop or mobile phone, play the video and train with me as we usually do at the Dojo 🙂

First of all, just watch this intro video (there are no exercises on this one)

Now we are ready to start. So, play the video below in front of a device and follow my instructions. If you don’t get the movement right straight away, just play the explanation again and start over!


New! If you want to repeat any particular exercise, you can go to the individual drills section, where you have the sections from the class for every particular judo drill. You can also see the drill that we are going to train in future classes.

And remember, discipline and persistence are qualities of a good Judoka. So, train with this video at least twice per week. Three times per week would be ideal and if you train every day, that’s awesome!!!

Hope you enjoyed training together and see you on the next video!!

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