Yuki Judo was at Statewide Vision Resource Centre

A couple of weeks ago, Yuki Judo delivered an online presentation for kids and staff at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre (SVRC).

  • Image of the online session with the room at SVRC and Claudio

SVRC is an institution depending from the Victorian Department of Education and Training, that supports over 500 blind and vision impaired students and provides specialised training and support for educators.

We talked about the history Judo, how we fight and what a typical class looks like. We also talked about the particularities of Judo for blind and vision impaired people, including the experience with our blind Judoka in the adults class, who’s been training twice per week for a year now.

It was a great session where the kids also had the opportunity to ask questions and touch and feel Judo belts and gis (uniforms).

A big thank you to SVRC and Blind Sports Victoria for the invitation!

If you want to know more about blind judo, just visit our Blind Judo Section

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