Yuki Judo Celebrates the International Women’s Day!

During March, Yuki Judo is celebrating the International Women’s Day.

Our doors are always open for everybody to try our classes for free, but this month in particular we want all women to come and try our classes!!!

So, you can find below 10 Reasons why women should try Judo at Yuki (don’t miss the last one 😉)

Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm at Boeing Reserve. Contact Us if you have any question!

  1. Judo is very fun and engaging. We do a lot of different activities in the class (breakfalls, standing and on the ground techniques, self-defence, and much more!). So, you never get bored doing the same things.
  2. We are a proud ‘This Girl Can’ supporter. We want to encourage girls and women to join our classes. We already have 2 and possibly 3 regular female students in our adult class and we do all we can to make women feel welcomed.
  3. We make sure the classes are super relaxed, safe and fun. No intimidating environment, just local people having fun while exercising and learning new things. On top of that, we are close to your home at Boeing Reserve!
  4. Classes are structured in a way that every person trains and makes progress at their own pace, so they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, even if you have zero experience with martial arts.
  5. Judo is a non-violent Olympic Sport and Martial art (there are no punches and kicks) and training can be as intense or as light as you choose to.
  6. The founder of Judo created it in a way that any person can effectively apply the techniques to someone much stronger and bigger so you don’t need to be strong and athletic to do it. This makes it great for self-defence and every class we dedicate some time to practice specific and easy to apply self-defence techniques.
  7. You can come out of curiosity, just for the Free trial class. We want more people to know what Judo is about, so we are cool with that.
  8. If you don’t feel comfortable coming alone, you can ask a friend, relative or neighbour and come together to have fun and try out. Otherwise, don’t worry, there is always one or two female students in every class anyways.
  9. You have an extra free trial class during March and we’ll lend you a Judo jacket so you can feel like a true Judoka from the start.
  10. Last, but not least, to celebrate the International Women’s Day, you have an extra free trial class (I’ve already mentioned that) and if you decide to continue training, you get a free Judo Gi and a 30% discount for the first three months! (these all is worth more than $150!)

So, the only thing remining is you grabbing a water bottle and coming any Monday and Wednesday at 6pm at Boeing Reserve! (Just search Yuki Judo in Google or Apple Maps)

Please Contact us if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you soon 😊

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